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Assign a outline to all children menu items

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    Assign a outline to all children menu items

    Posted 4 weeks 1 hour ago
    • Hello we are creating another section of a website we are working on and it starts as a single menu item, then has a whole lot of children menu items beneath it that needs to have another outline.
      Is there a way, by default, all menu items created as a child of a certain menu item are given a defined outline automatically? Our client is creating their own menu items and we need these menu items to have a different layout.

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    Re: Assign a outline to all children menu items

    Posted 3 weeks 6 days ago
    • In the menu item you could leave the assigned template as "use default" and the menu item will then always use the default outline (yellow starred in template manager). IF you want different outlines per menu item then, no there isn't.

      Regards, Mark.
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