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PostgreSQL Support

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    PostgreSQL Support

    Posted 1 year 11 months ago
    • Is there any attention being given to Gantry's PostgreSQL incompatibility since Joomla 3 is out and has official support for postgres? The majority of the problems (though not all, there are some odd ones for sure) from what I've been able to gather result from omitting strings in queries where they are needed and relying on mySQL's non enforcement of the NOT NULL condition for strings (it defaults to an empty string).

      I've searched the forums and tried searching them using Google too, and found very little talk about postgres (read the serches turn up nothing, but i've stumbled on a few mentions so clearly the search functionality is inhibited), which surprises me considering it's a far more predictable database than mySQL, with a lot of fans.

      Anyway if someone wants to point me to the docs on the query generation. I'd be happy to fix up the SQL so it's nice and standards compliant.
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    Re: PostgreSQL Support

    Posted 1 year 11 months ago
    • At this point we do not provide PostgreSQL support. We don't provide MS SQL Server support either. Gantry will be looking at it in the future probably with the Gantry 5 rev planned for later this year. But right now we just don't support it.

      Yeah Joomla 3 does support PostgeSQL but the user base for it compared to MySQL is very small, but larger then the MS SQL base :)

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