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Tabular Data Presenter

RokFeatureTable offers a stylistic and user friendly solution for displaying tabular data. It is perfect for price or product comparisons, or in effect, any type of data display that suits a matrix format. A simple, yet dynamic, interface provides you with the tools to quickly edit the widget's content, with extensive control for each tabular item.

About RokFeatureTable

Extensive Data Display

Extensive Data Display

RokFeatureTable allows for the quick and easy display of tabular data. Each cell has 2 separate text entries, the main text and subline, each HTML capable without character limit.

The widget is partially responsive, in that its columns and overall width are fluid, but heights of each cell may not line up in all modes, due to heights being unique for each cell.

Custom Administrative Tool

The widget supports a custom administrative interface, inside the widget settings, to control the data displayed, all through dynamic add/remove and input form elements.

You can add an unlimited number of rows and up to 6 columns. Each row can be expanded through button selection, such as class, which will display extra input fields.
Custom Administrative Tool

RokFeatureTable Overview

  • Unlimited Rows
  • Up to 6 Columns
  • Preset Data Examples
  • Extensive Data Control
  • Highlightable Columns
  • Assign Custom Classes
  • Inline Styling Support
  • Custom Admin Interface
  • Subline Text Support
  • Cell Links