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Joomla 3.7

Real Time Stocks

RokStock is an ajax-powered stocks module. It has been finely tuned to give stocks character such as a colored line graph, coloured indexes, draggable indexes, tooltips, and much more. Your users can easily add, remove, and reorder the various stock indexes, which are stored in a cookie. This is in addition to the preconfigured stocks.

About RokStock

Interactive Data

Interactive Data

RokStock is a module that displays a graphic depiction of stocks for the configured indexes, via the Google Finance API. The comparative data is shown via colored line graphs.

The module is also user editable. You can add any number of new indexes, or remove existing ones, as well as being able to drag and reorder them. Each index is colored.


The module also supports tooltips for extra information. Tooltips are activated when you hover over the indices. The tooltip will provide a graphic chart, and various other data.

The tooltips can be disabled in the module settings. Additionally, you can also specify whether the time is 12h or 24. Data is inclusive of trade time and change.

RokStock Overview

  • Display Multiple Stocks
  • Frontend Stock Controls
  • User Interaction
  • Cookies
  • Tooltips Display
  • 12h or 24h Tooltips Data