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Joomla 3.7

Display Events

RokMiniEvents is a simple solution for displaying events on your site. The module syncs automatically with either Google Calendar, JomSocial, RSEvents, JEvents or RedEvent presenting basic information such as title, date, and a description, which link to the full event. As non-platform specific, Google will appear by default.

About RokMiniEvents

Display Events

Display Events

RokMiniEvents displays event information from several Events providers, in a concise, flexible and responsive manner. Events are displayed across a configurable timeline.

The display data is configurable in the module settings, such as the date, title and description, as well as the navigation type and how events are selected for display.

Events Providers

The module is incredibly versatile by offering an extensive and diverse range of support events providers. As such, you can display events from your favorite events system.

The available event sources will appear automatically in the module settings when RokMiniEvents detects that it is installed. However, Google will appear by default.
Events Providers

RokMiniEvents Overview

  • Multiple Calendar Providers
  • Predefined Time Ranges
  • Time Format Options
  • Various Layout Parameters
  • Animations
  • Timezone Configurations
  • Responsive Layout

Calendar Providers

  • Google Calendar
  • JomSocial
  • RSEvents
  • JEvents
  • EventList (deprecated)
  • RedEvent