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Joomla/phpBB Bridge

RokBridge is a non-invasive, bi-directional bridge for Joomla and the forum platform phpBB. By following a few simple steps, you can easily integrate the two platforms, including registration, user syncing and syncing of login sessions. This special bridge extension does not require any "hacks" in either the Joomla or phpBB code base.

About RokBridge

Bi-Directional Bridge

Bi-Directional Bridge

RokBridge provides a unified Joomla component based install & setup to bring the two platforms together. The application consolidates registration, users, and login sessions.

Install the extension like any normal Joomla extension via Extensions Manager. You can then begin setup under Components > RokBridge in your Joomla administrator.


While a number of traditional bridges for Joomla have required "hacks" in both the Joomla and phpBB code base, RokBridge's non-invasive approach benefits both platforms.

RokBridge has been developed with the help of key members of the phpBB team to ensure that no hacks are required on either the Joomla CMS or phpBB forum side.

RokBridge Overview

  • Joomla/phpBB Bridge
  • Bi-Directional Syncing
  • No Hacks Required
  • Non-invasive Joomla Application
  • Little Performance Overhead
  • Additional Module Options