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Compiling less, @mainbody-background missing?

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    Compiling less, @mainbody-background missing?

    Posted 1 week 6 days ago
    • Hey all,

      I took over the website from its previous administrator (Joomla, rt_hadron template) and it was a VERY old version (1.0 from something like 2013). I needed to make some updates to other plugins and it appeared to break the existing template.

      I went to recompile the LESS template and I guess it's so old that a lot of the syntax is no longer valid. I updated the template and most of the errors have been corrected but when I try and recompile global.less, I get the error that

      variable @mainbody-background is undefined: /var/www/html/templates/rt_hadron//less/global.less on line 18
      An error occurred. Failed to compile.

      I did a grep on the filesystem (grep -rnw . -e "@mainbody-background" in my main web folder) for everywhere that @mainbody-background is used and it's used a LOT. But it's never defined anywhere that I can see. Where is this defined in the template, is it something with Gantry? Why would it be undefined?
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    Re: Compiling less, @mainbody-background missing?

    Posted 1 week 6 days ago
    • Both Gantry and the Template are the latest and greatest versions? Be sure and flush the Joomla cache after upgrading...
    • SEARCH the forum first! These boards are rich in knowledge and vast in topics :woohoo:

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