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Callisto: Recreating the Demo - Showcase Section

Your Guide to Recreating Elements of the Callisto Demo for WordPress


The Showcase section is made up of one Widget Position. This position, once placed and set up in the Layout Manager makes it possible to assign Widgets to it that appear on your site.

Settings used in our demo for each of these particles can be found below.

Section Settings

Field Setting
CSS Classes Blank
Tag Attributes Blank

Widget Position (showcase)

Particle Settings

Field Setting
Particle Name Position - RokSprocket Features
Key showcase
Chrome gantry

Block Settings

Field Setting
CSS ID Blank
CSS Classes flush, fp-roksprocket-showcase-image
Variations Blank
Tag Attributes Blank
Block Size 100%

Assigned Widget(s)

The showcase widget position is host to a single RokSprocket widget.

This widget is placed using the integrated WordPress widgets tool. Since you created the widget position in the Layout Manager, it should appear in the Widgets area of the WordPress Admin. Once you have created the RokSprocket widget, you can simply drag and drop a new RokSprocket widget to the appropriate position, and choose it using the Choose Widget setting.

We utilized the Simple Content Provider, linking each item in the RokSprocket widget to an article. You can find examples of the Simple items used in this widget in the Filtered Article List section below.


Option Setting
Title FP RokSprocket Features - Slideshow
Content Provider Simple
Type Features

Filtered Article List

Item 1

Option Setting
Image Custom
Link None


The Gantry 5 revolution has finally arrived!


<p>Callisto is the first RocketTheme Club theme to be released on the new Gantry 5 Framework, marking the dawn of a new era of powerful, highly customizable and mobile friendly web building.</p><a class="button button-3" href="#">Read More</a>

Item 2

Option Setting
Image Custom
Link None


Built in Menu Support with Custom Editor


<p>Gantry 5 benefits from its own built-in menu system, negating the need for auxiliary plugins, as well as featuring a drag and drop setup for dropdown configuration.</p>                    <a class="button button-3" href="#">Read More</a>

Item 3

Option Setting
Image Custom
Link None


Choose and Configure the Six Preset Styles


<p>Callisto is distributed with six preset styles, with light and dark variations. Each can be customized in the Style Settings to individualize the theme with ease and speed.</p>                    <a class="button button-3" href="#">Read More</a>

Layout Options

Option Setting
Display Limit
Theme Slideshow
Article Titles Show
Article Text Show
Preview Length
Strip HTML Tags No
Arrow Navigation Show
Pagination Show
Animation Crossfade
Autoplay Disable
Autoplay Delay 5
Image Resize Disable
Default Title Default Article Title
Default Article Text Default Article Text
Default Article Image Default Article Image
Default Link Default Article Link

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