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Callisto: Recreating the Demo - Mainfeature Section

Your Guide to Recreating Elements of the Callisto Demo for Joomla


The Mainfeature section itself sits side-by-side with the Sidebar section. It is set to 67% width and the Sidebar section to 33%.

Settings used in the demo for the particle used in this section can be found below.

Section Settings

Field Setting
CSS Classes Blank
Tag Attributes Blank

Content List (Particle)

Particle Settings

Field Setting
Particle Name FP Main Content List
CSS Classes Blank
Title Blank
Image Custom
Image Tag Callisto
Headline Construct unique and dynamic content <span class="hidden-tablet">creations </span>with RokSprocket
Subtitle Intuitive and Versatile
Readmore Text Read More
Readmore Link #
Grid Column 2 Columns
Content List Item 1 Title List Item 1
Content List Item 1 Icon fa fa-file-text-o fa-fw
Content List Item 1 Text Custom administrator with intuitive controls and powerful features
Content List Item 1 Link #
Content List Item 2 Title List Item 2
Content List Item 2 Icon fa fa-file-text-o fa-fw
Content List Item 2 Text Multiple layouts and templates for diverse content possibilities
Content List Item 2 Link #
Content List Item 3 Title List Item 3
Content List Item 3 Icon fa fa-file-text-o fa-fw
Content List Item 3 Text Support for multiple content providers or its own simple provider
Content List Item 3 Link #
Content List Item 4 Title List Item 4
Content List Item 4 Icon fa fa-file-text-o fa-fw
Content List Item 4 Text Module shortcoding to allow for inline inclusion of RokSprocket instances
Content List Item 4 Link #
Content List Item 5 Title List Item 5
Content List Item 5 Icon fa fa-file-text-o fa-fw
Content List Item 5 Text Fully responsive for the modern and mobile web environment
Content List Item 5 Link #
Content List Item 6 Title List Item 6
Content List Item 6 Icon fa fa-file-text-o fa-fw
Content List Item 6 Text Advanced cumulative filters for sophisticated content selection
Content List Item 6 Link #


RokSprocket is a powerful, content switchblade extension, that brings a vast portfolio of different layouts and templates into a single extension and UI.

Block Settings

Field Setting
CSS ID Blank
CSS Classes nopaddingall
Variations Box 2, Rounded
Tag Attributes Blank
Block Size 100%

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