RocketTheme Team Blog The RocketTheme Team Blog - News and information about all-things RocketTheme en-US Ten Useful WordPress Troubleshooting Tips [Infographic] <div class="article-intro"> <div align="center"><img src="/images/blog/team/writing/written3.png"></div> <p>Troubleshooting WordPress issues is challenging. Over the years, WordPress has grown from a simple blogging platform to the largest and most widely-used content management system on the Web.</p> <p class="readmore"><a class="button" href="/blog/wordpress/256-ten-useful-wordpress-troubleshooting-tips-infographic"> Read more ... </a></p> </div> WordPress Fri, 14 Jul 2017 14:43:00 -0500 Save up to 50% During our Summer Holiday Sale <div class="article-intro"> <div align="center"><img src="/images/blog/team/sales/summer-banner-blog.jpg"></div> <p>RocketTheme is offering deep discounts on its entire library of templates and themes, for a limited time.</p> <p class="readmore"><a class="button" href="/blog/team/255-save-up-to-50-during-our-summer-holiday-sale"> Read more ... </a></p> </div> Team Thu, 22 Jun 2017 11:54:00 -0500 Flux for Joomla has Been Released <div class="article-intro"> <div align="center"><img src="/images/blog/joomla/templates/flux_3.png"></div> <p>Flux is a splendid combination of modern style and dynamic elements that make it a superb choice for businesses and media-rich websites alike.</p> <p class="readmore"><a class="button" href="/blog/joomla/254-flux-for-joomla-has-been-released"> Read more ... </a></p> </div> Joomla Wed, 14 Jun 2017 16:38:00 -0500 Why You Should Use Responsive Design [Infographic] <div class="article-intro"> <div align="center"><img src="/images/blog/team/content/readyfor2016.png"></div> <p>If you haven't considered making your website(s) responsive, now is a great time to. Responsive websites are everywhere, and for good reason. Responsive design is, simply put, the best way to make your website look great on virtually any device.</p> <p class="readmore"><a class="button" href="/blog/design/253-why-you-should-use-responsive-design-infographic"> Read more ... </a></p> </div> Design Fri, 09 Jun 2017 16:41:00 -0500 New Supra Template for Joomla 3.7 Released <div class="article-intro"> <div align="center"><img src="/images/blog/joomla/templates/supra_1.jpg"></div> <p>Supra is a powerhouse template loaded with features and uncompromising in its versatility. With a click, activate full page scrolling for a modern user experience. Build beautiful background slideshows in seconds, and customize your site with over two dozen powerful particles that make setting up a complete website a snap.</p> <p class="readmore"><a class="button" href="/blog/joomla/252-new-supra-template-for-joomla-3-7-released"> Read more ... </a></p> </div> Joomla Fri, 12 May 2017 16:38:00 -0500 How to Choose the Perfect WordPress Theme for Your Business Website? <div class="article-intro"> <div align="center"><img src="/images/blog/design/planning/planning2.png"></div> <p>Have you decided to use <a href="">WordPress for your business website</a>? You have made a right decision as WordPress is a powerful open-source content management system that based on PHP and MySQL.</p> <p class="readmore"><a class="button" href="/blog/wordpress/251-how-to-choose-the-perfect-wordpress-theme-for-your-business-website"> Read more ... </a></p> </div> WordPress Tue, 18 Apr 2017 13:54:00 -0500 A complete guide to creating a WordPress Email Marketing Campaign <div class="article-intro"> <div align="center"><img src="/images/blog/design/planning/planning.png"></div> <p>The definitive purpose of any WordPress website is to draw visitors who keep coming back. You can be a business website, a budding designer, a media house or just <a href="">a newbie developer</a> who is setting up a new website; we are sure that you would want repetitive readers who are interested in your content.</p> <p class="readmore"><a class="button" href="/blog/wordpress/250-a-complete-guide-to-creating-a-wordpress-email-marketing-campaign"> Read more ... </a></p> </div> WordPress Wed, 12 Apr 2017 16:59:00 -0500 Save Up to 50% During Our Super Spring Sale <div class="article-intro"> <div align="center"><img src="/images/blog/team/sales/spring-banner-blog.jpg"></div> <p>It's that time again. Spring is here, and so are the savings during our <strong>Super Spring Sale</strong>. For a limited time, save <strong>50% on single themes</strong> and <strong>35% on Club memberships and renewals</strong>.</p> <p class="readmore"><a class="button" href="/blog/team/249-save-up-to-50-during-our-super-spring-sale"> Read more ... </a></p> </div> Team Tue, 11 Apr 2017 13:28:00 -0500 Infographic: Technical SEO Tips <div class="article-intro"> <div align="center"><img src="/images/blog/team/content/webtools.png"></div> <p>Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important things to consider when building and planning content for your website. A well-optimized website gives search engines like Google and Bing everything they need to properly index and understand your website.</p> <p class="readmore"><a class="button" href="/blog/design/248-infographic-technical-seo-tips"> Read more ... </a></p> </div> Design Thu, 06 Apr 2017 17:20:00 -0500 7 Design Tweaks to Seriously Boost Conversions <div class="article-intro"> <div align="center"><img src="/images/blog/design/planning/planning5.png"></div> <p>I’m sure you’ve read posts like this before. Maybe you’ve even written a post or two on conversions yourself. The answer’s always the same old story, to “build quality content, and visitors will convert”.</p> <p class="readmore"><a class="button" href="/blog/design/247-7-design-tweaks-to-seriously-boost-conversions"> Read more ... </a></p> </div> Design Fri, 17 Mar 2017 09:17:00 -0500